4 Ways Adding Multimedia Improves Your Website Experience

Incorporating multimedia is a great way to spice up your website. Rather than bombarding users with text, you’re also giving them a visual option. The deciding factor here is how quickly your business will add videos and pictures to your website. According to Business Insider, video marketing is about to grow rapidly, so it’s better to start sooner rather than later:
“In 2015, video marketing is going to be bigger than ever. If you haven’t taken the time to start experimenting with video, now is the time. You can start by watching this Video Marketing Success Webinar from Kissmetrics, which will teach you how to set the right goals and follow the right processes in order to accelerate your video marketing success.”
If you’re still on the fence about adding multimedia, then here are five ways videos can improve your website experience: Appeal to different users Most of your website visitors will have no trouble reading your content. But others would rather absorb information visually. When you add videos to your website, you give users the choice of how they want to learn about your company.   Inform prospective customers And when users click your videos, you have a unique chance to inform them about your business. Videos are so effective because you have the full attention of users, as opposed to when they just skim over your written content. Establish a brand identity The goal of any company website is to establish a brand identity, and adding videos is an effective way to do that. It’s easier to show your brand voice and attitude in a video than it is in an article. Engage your consumers Just informing users with videos isn’t enough; you also have to engage them. That means adding a call-to-action at the end, prompting prospective customers to contact your business. This is an important step in getting your videos to generate leads. There are many reasons to add videos to your website. If you’re on board with the idea but need help with the marketing process, feel free to contact us today.