Dove Restaurant BVI, Feast Your Eyes

Dove Restaurant Tortola BVI is rated as one of the best restaurants in the BVI. aLookingGlass has produced their ad materials since 2006. The Dove Restaurant BVI has established quite a following over the years and their brand, like their menu, continues to evolve. aLookingGlass has produced advertising design for the Dove Restaurant for many BVI magazine campaigns as well as stationery and apparel. Our objective when creating art is to focus on the Dove Restaurants renown sophistication and relaxing  BVI atmosphere their patrons have grown to love and expect. The Dove Restaurant, is owned and operated by BVI Residents, Scott and Paloma Hart. This BVI restaurant’s historic location was once a publishing house for the BVI Beacon, which has since moved. The interior of the Dove Restaurant  is classy and sophisticated sprinkled with inspiring and modern BVI flare from the kitchen. The Dove Restaurant, BVI is not just recognised for food, recently Chef Travis Phillips and Manager Sean Anderson were featured in American Eagles in flight reader, Latitudes. We are very lucky to work with such a great group of people and always look forward to their projects.