Top 5 Survival Tips to avoid the Old Year’s BVI Hangover

This year, our creative team at aLookingGlass has put together our Top 5 Survival Tips for the Old Year’s BVI Hangover to make sure your New Year’s Day isn’t wasted sweating the “Old Year’s Eve blackout” into your hammock or worse.   When you are celebrating the New Year in the BVI, drinking is almost unavoidable. Whether you are a tourist, resident or season veteran of the Booze Olympics, you can attest to the pain and anguish the following morning, or often afternoon succeeding a big night in the British Virgin Islands.
  1. Drink a F*** load of water, especially if you are taking shots. Ok, a 10 oz glass or half of a 20oz bottle per shot is more realistic. When in doubt, drink a little extra. Shots tend to lead to…well, more shots. Avoid or minimise shots especially in the latter part of your blackout. Shots with high sugar content will put more pressure on your body to metabolise alcohol. Your body uses water to metabolise alcohol, therefore, the less water in your body the more hangover symptoms you will feel in the morning.
  2. Put the nursery rhymes aside. Set limits for yourself and stick to them. For the record, the old saying: ”Rum before beer, you’re in the clear,” is not a limit to set for oneself. Instead of rhyming, start early with non-alcoholic drinks and gradually alternate with alcoholic drinks. After that, use a little intuition. If you can’t feel your face, it might be time to switch to beer. If you no longer have a face, drink water and take a nap on your tummy. It’s not a race, it is a marathon and staying hydrated is going to make the first day of 2014 much more enjoyable.
  3. Don’t mix alcohol with highly caffeinated drinks. No Red Bull, aww 🙁 The Australian Medical Association (AMA) says it can lead people to consume excessive amounts of alcohol and excessive amounts of caffeine. Both can be harmful on their own, but potentially lethal when consumed together. So, to avoid a potentially lethal hangover, side-line the caffeine kick as much as possible. Stimulants and depressants just don’t mix. Sorry ravers . . . and St Thomians.
  4. Maintain Good Karma We’ve all heard the story about the guy who got stranded at Foxy’s Old Year’s party, and came up with the brilliant idea to try and swim back to the mainland. A mixture of poor judgment, dehydration, fatigue and a vast body of water to swim across are a deadly combination and lead to the worst kind of hangovers – the kind that literally kills you. Take a head count before you get off of the boat, bus or car so that everyone is accounted for when it is time to leave. Or take group photo with your phone when you arrive so you can check it before you leave. Note: This only works if you still have your phone at the end of the night.
  5. Eat something! Eating will slow down alcohol absorption, but not the overall level of harm if you participate in rounds of drinks. Food can help you stay hydrated throughout the night. Spoiler Alert: Eating before a night out does not guarantee immortality at the bar.
By sticking to the above guidelines, you should have a much brighter New Year’s Day. Just remember, most symptoms from hangovers are related to dehydration and easily avoided by keeping a little extra H2O in the engine. Also, it is important that we make sure we are all not trying to swim home. Drink Responsibly as the liquor adverts suggest.   If after following the rules above you still manage to get a NYD hangover, stay positive. You have 364 days of training ahead of you before the next one.