4 Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Website

Because so many business efforts are based online now, getting traffic has never been more important. For one, more traffic means more interest in our brand. Not to mention, it means more sales too. However, getting people to visit a website has proven to be more difficult than it sounds. Luckily, there are several ways to tackle this challenge, and here are four methods to help you.

1. Post consistently

It’s hard to be motivated to revisit a website if it’s not updated frequently, no? This being said, you’ll want to blog on a regular schedule so that readers can have a reason to come back to your website. You can let them know when you’ve just published a new post by sending them an email newsletter or sharing it on social media. 

2. Pay to get more traffic onto your website

This isn’t cheating. It’s a tactic that actually works. You can try signing up for StumbleUpon to get people to “stumble upon” your website. You can also sign up for Facebook and Twitter ads to increase the scope of your audience. You can also try paying to write a press release on a website like PR Newswire

3. Share new blog posts on each of your social media accounts

You want to tell your Facebook followers, Twitter followers, Tumblr followers – yes, every single follower  – that you’ve just posted something right when it goes live.

Furthermore, it’s vital not to just post something on social but to also engage with your followers when you do. Ask them questions about your new post. What do they think about it? Can they share something they know about it? This will create a conversation with your followers that can eventually lead to more traffic.  

4. Make it easier for Google to find your website

You want to make sure you’re including the right keywords in your blog post and home page so that Google can place you higher in their search rankings. To do this, think of some search terms someone would use to get to your website. If you’re a music blog, for example, you might want to write a blog post reviewing a new, highly anticipated album. 

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