Why building trust more important than building value

Why is building trust more important than building value for clients, you might wonder? Many people are obsessed with building up the value of their product. They want clients to see how much better their deal is than another competitor. In reality, it is building trust that you should be focusing on, not value.

Would you ever go to a doctor you did not trust? Similarly, people will not buy from a brand they do not trust. Your level of trust is essential to your client’s becoming willing to buy from you. TodayMade asserts that it is not “the better product” that will win but “the guy with the best connection to his customer wins in today’s world.”

An Emotional Game

The act of buying is an emotional game. That’s why creating the best connection to your customers is so important. According to Inc., “Buying decisions are always the result of a change in the customer’s emotional state.” Looking at “value” alone is a logical step while most buyers are thinking emotionally about a purchase.

If you really want to generate sales, you need to get the trust of your clients. People are willing to spend more money if the product is coming from a brand that they trust.

Buyers want to feel an emotional connection to the brand they are buying from and if they trust your products, they will buy from you. Telling your prospective buyers about the great value your product has is not enough to secure a buyer because, ” …it is not the information itself that is important, but the emotional effect that the information has on your audience.” The information you share with your buyers should build up your trustworthiness as a company so instead of sharing how great your product is, share how much expertise you have.

So, let’s focus on building up our trust and watch the business come in.