BVI Office Renovation

We're back in business after our BVI Office renovation at Road Reef Plaza. After the 2017 Hurricane season we decided it was time to rebuild smarter. Take a look!

BVI Office Renovation is Done.

During our BVI office renovation, we wanted extra space. This space wasn’t for us initially. Our hope was to help out other companies who needed the basics. Although it wasn’t meant to be a permanent solution, it is something we felt would sincerely help small offices like us, get back up and running.

Unfortunately, this space is no longer available to share. As we are tenants in our building, our property owner informed us that we could offer this space to anyone who is outside of our organisation. That is not to say, that you cannot stop by and visit us anytime you want.

If you are familiar with aLookingGlass, or you had a chance to visit our office in the past, you will remember that we made every effort to make our space, friendly, professional and efficient.


Our new space includes:

  • High Speed DIA internet and secure wifi HotSpot access
  • Secure Local Network Attached Storage and Cloud access
  • Workstations with Sit/Stand Desks and Ergonomic seating
  • Reception and Lounge area
  • Conference setting with Flat Screen
  • Plenty of Vertical Storage
  • Kitchenette with Free Coffee, snacks, water and mini-fridge
  • Access to marketing tools and expertise on site

If you’re looking for office space like ours, get in touch with us and we’ll try to help you find something similar.





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BVI Office Renovation

We’re back in business after our BVI Office renovation at Road Reef Plaza. After the 2017 Hurricane season we decided it was time to rebuild smarter. Take a look!

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