Creative Services

We've been reinventing brands online and in traditional media for 15 years. Our relationships last because we work WITH you, not for you.

Our Creative Services will give your brand more curb appeal.

When it comes to creative services in the BVI, would you rather have a marketing rep or a marketing team? The trend of having in-house designers and developers has become less and less cost effective for small businesses. Instead, why not hire a creative company to deliver the results you need. You’ll be surprised how comparable the costs actually are.

Web Development & Design

Due to the surging trend of online users in the BVI, aLookingGlass expanded its web capabilities, especially focusing on SEO friendly websites. Our in-house team of designers and programmers can deliver fast results using the most advanced Web resources available. Best of all, we are right here in the BVI so the stress of following up with outsourced designers and programmers is gone.

Promo Items & Apparel

There are a lot of opportunities to engage and interact with your target market and colleagues. If you are interested in making your brand more visible, why not put your logo on a gift like an umbrella or backpack. Our network of over 400,000 suppliers around the globe makes it easy for you to find the right product and customised apparel for the right price. We provide promo items and apparel to banks, dive shops and corporate gifts to trust companies and telecoms. Anything you need: shirts, caps, pens, coolers, even custom labeled rum. You name it, we brand it, and deliver it to the BVI. If you are interested in starting your own BVI promo, gift or apparel line, let’s discuss wholesale opportunities.

Digital Marketing

In cooperation with our in-house analyst, we will target the market you need to be successful. Whether you want imprints online or offline, we can help you manage a budget and measure success. We custom tailor your campaigns, making every dollar spent, great value. We can also assist your company with social responsibility and sponsorship consultation. It is easy to give money to a cause but measuring the value of success by supporting a cause is hard work. We have the formula and analytics that can determine which causes are the most valuable to your business so that the message you want to communicate matches the event(s) you support.

Premium Printing & Display

We have tirelessly scoured the globe searching for the highest standard of printing press and most advanced printing methods available. We can print anything on anything. We can even print in 3d. We also utilise eco-friendly printing presses, soy inks and post consumer recycled materials whenever possible. By choosing us, your company supports ecologically responsible printing.


Graphic Design & Branding

aLookingGlass delivers the highest standard of branding services and graphic design to the BVI and has done so since 2002. Our professional team utilises the most cutting edge media software and modern production techniques so your brand will stand out from the rest. You work hard for it, so when it comes to your company’s image why risk obscurity?

Digital Publishing

Many first time authors don’t know where to start. We are proud to lend our expertise and recognise the importance of self-published works in a small territory such as the BVI. We specialise in project management and design, editing, and printing of all types of books and magazines.

We have produced books to raise money for charity, for retail, and to protect the environment. We even have a monthly in-house publication called Virgin Islands Property and Yacht magazine and a yearly publication BVI Newbie.