Crewed Yacht Wifi

aLG Link is a Yacht Wifi service that connects BVI Tourists and yacht owners while they are on the Water.

Now you can surf high-speed internet at sea with our BVI wifi for yachts service. We can proivide your ship mates with fast internet, while you’re cruising the islands.

Our service is popular among local bareboat and crewed charter yachts as well as privately owned boats. This high-speed internet services its a cost effective way to access music and video while you cruise the BVI.

Benefits of our Boat Wifi service

  • Connect up to 12 WiFi devices on your yacht simultaneously.
  • Send and receive email, Surf the Internet, YouTube, Skype, Facetime, Google Talk, Send Photos to friends and family, check current weather and local events all from the comfort of your yacht!
  • 4G speeds are typical in the BVI.
  • Eliminate the need to bring devices ashore and risk loss or dropping in water. Guests can use their devices in the comfort and privacy of your yacht and enjoy the view, why dinghy to shore and look for a public place for Hotspot access. 5. Easy to connect, get started and always on.
  • Simple installation. Upfront equipment/installation and programming fee, plus one month data fee to get started.
  • Service and support available locally 7 days a week!