Community Management

‘Social Media Management’ and ‘Community Management’ are two terms that are often used interchangeably. Community management is a core part of creating your online presence and expanding your customer base. Here, in the British Virgin Isles, community management is especially important in creating your brand identity.

How Does Community Management Help You?

At its core, community management is about building relationships with your customer base. Despite the notion of ‘Community‘ bringing to mind a small centrally located population, in today’s day and age of high-speed internet and complete interconnectivity, an online community could consist of people all across the world.

So, why hire a community manager? Creating an online presence is easy enough, but expanding it and ensuring positive client interaction is an important and ongoing process. Community managers are the online ‘face’ of a brand, and they deal with many things on a day-to-day basis including:

  • Addressing customer complaints
  • Networking with other brands
  • Getting feedback from your clientele
  • Building your brand image and reputation

Brands live and die by their reputation. And, an experienced Community Manager can turn even your most hardened detractors into your most loyal brand ambassadors.

A dedicated Community Manager affords you the ability to constantly monitor your community feed. This allows the Manager to pick up on:

  • Market trends,
  • Customer base sentiments, and
  • Building issues.

A brand with their finger on the pulse is a brand that is always two steps ahead of the game.  With a dedicated Community Manager, innovation, product development and target market appeal, you will become faster and more efficient as you have a live feed into what your target demographic wants.

If you want to get the most out of your social media marketing campaign in the BVI, contact aLookingGlass and get a dedicated community manager today!

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