New BVI Website Tips

When developing a new BVI website you'll need to know what your audience wants, but most importantly, how they'll find it.

Building a New BVI Website

Here are some local optimisation tips to help zone in on the BVI audience.

First, a little planning before you begin can have a dramatic effect on your SEO and organic search ranking. Ultimately you should set yourself up for success from the get go.

Secondly, take the extra time in the initial development stages to properly display your content to robots that crawl the web to give yourself a solid foundation to grow from.

Finally, Digital marketing combined with high quality, persuasive copywriting, email marketing and marketing automation, can create a steady stream of leads for your business in the British Virgin Isles. Get in touch to learn more!

Lead Generation

New BVI Website Tips

First Off - Choose a Strong Domain for a New BVI Website

Since this article is specifically about new BVI websites, we’ll often register a domain with the “BVI” or “Road Town”, included in the URL. In addition to the location of a business, many domains include the type of service they provide.

Its important starting off, for you to understand that when someone searches online for a service they usually don’t search for a company name.

Therefore, if they’re locked out of their house, eventually they might use Google to search for “BVI Locksmith” or “Locksmith BVI”. If you have registered one or both (better) of these URLS, you likely have a much better chance of ranking on the first page of Google search results rather quickly if you have made the most of your URLs and properly optimised your website.

In contrast, you need to understand that not all domains work this way. Google is constantly trying to optimise their search algorithm so that the Domain name of a website has less and less relation to search results.

Keep in mind that eventually Google will rather get you to pay them for traffic than get it organically. A good way to find out if you’re company could rank on the first page of Google, is by searching for yourself. We’ll use the locksmith as an example.

To summarise, in the image provided, you can see that NONE of the search results listed have any mention of  “Locksmith” in the URL but all of them include the keyword in Meta Data. This translates to a good opportunity to rank high in the BVI for the “Locksmith” keyword. BVI Locksmith Search Results


Secondly - Optimise your New BVI Website for Local Searches

Google My Business is a great tool, if you’re a local company looking for local customers.

First off, this tool allows you to create a business profile on Google, for free. Although it’s is similar to Facebook Pages, it can provide much more visibility, as it is connected to Google search.

These days, a healthy portion of searches start with phrases like, Hey Sirior Alexa or Okay Google. As mobile technology gets easier and smarter, so will the importance of geo-location information about businesses.

Search trends are now showing that people aren’t searching for contact details online anymore. Now, they want directions to the location and they want them immediately.

It is because of this, that Google has capitalised on this trend with recent algorithm updates by including Directions to any company which has a Google My Business listing.

Search Trends

Moving ahead, as voice recognition and voice searches become more and more the norm, if your audience is in the BVI, they will mostly search without even knowing it.

If you have a Google My Business page and verified location, you have a pretty good change of popping up in searches with a distance from indication and Google Map image. You will find that this ran really help the content stand out from other search results, while they appear higher up the page.

In contrast, If your company is local but your customers are foreign, they will search either (USA) or (UK). The Google My Business will still be useful, but in your settings you’ll want to specify that your customers are not local only.

In conclusion, results for the same keywords vary across countries. While it is considered a good idea to get the top level domain of the country where your clients are and hosting your website there too your efficacy will vary based on keyword competition and the volume of monthly searches as well.

Still though, If you sell BVI yacht vacations to a USA audience, you’ll certainly want your hosting to be in the USA as this will give you the best position to begin building your foundation.

Google My business Map shows opening hours and distance from to searchers.

Google My business Map shows opening hours and distance from to searchers.

Thirdly - Use Keywords in a Natural Way

Keywords are how Search Engines know what your content is really about.

Starting out with a website that has been professionally developed will have a number of pages optimised for certain keywords. Ideally the keywords you choose should be the same ones a potential custom would search for.

Moving forward, concentrate on being specific when choosing keywords. If you are a locksmith, write about specific services people will search for.

Before you proceed with a generic page called Our Services, write content about each service individually.

In conclusion, be cautious of using overly generic words which might be confused with other search terms. Keywords like, Locks or Keys are very generic and are commonly used with other search terms like, Phone Lock or Florida Keys.

Good Keyword suggestions for a New BVI Website for a BVI Locksmith:
  • Tortola Locksmith
  • Emergency Locksmith BVI
  • Key cutting BVI
  • lock repairs Virgin Gorda
  • New Door Locks BVI
  • Car Key Replacement BVI

Note: If you have a Google My Business listing and geo location setup, you should rank for a keyword without having to provide the location ( ie. BVI, Virgin Gorda, Tortola etc.).

Keywords to avoid:
  • Keys
  • Locks
  • Our Services
  • Locksmith
  • Car Keys

Avoid stuffing keywords into your first paragraphs on a page. This tactic was exploited back when Google was less sophisticated. Today, your search ranking can actually be adversely effected by Keyword Stuffing.

By setting up your content in a manner which allows the web visitor to find the content they are looking for quickly, you also make it easier for search engines to index your page. Fast page indexing translates to higher ranking for the keywords. Read more about choosing good SEO keywords.

Finally - Use an Open-Source Content Manager on your New BVI Website

The Content Management System (CMS) controls the way you add new content and functionality to your site.

Before diving in, be warned that some smaller-market websites run on proprietary or closed system that has been fully-customised by a private developer. We recommend running on open-source platforms. The reason for this, is freedom.

Recently, a few of our clients have reached out to us to update their website only to find out, the only people who can update it are the original developers. This is an old-fashioned and inefficient way to develop websites.

Rather than building a custom solution for a client, they charge for the time it takes to build a CMS before they even build the website.

Consequently, developers like us who use open-source content managers, save people a lot of time, money and headaches because our systems are supported by 1000s of developers all over the world.

Hence, we get to focus less on building a system from scratch and more on functionality and optimisation. It is also important that we note how much search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo appreciate the high standards and diversity of programming on open-source platforms, like WordPress. Since 2013,  all of our web development projects are developed in WordPress.

Many of the projects were custom coded CMS sites which we converted to WordPress because they produce more  mobile friendly web designs.

In summary, getting a custom CMS is like buying a custom built, new car made from scratch, where every moving part has been engineered for single use. The car will probably run great for a while, but eventually, you will have to replace some parts. The only problem is, you can’t find these parts on any shelf. Eventually, they’ll have to be rebuilt . . . from scratch . . . again.

Sweptail by Rolls Royce – $13 million is the most expensive car of 2018

Buying a closed source website is like buying a custom-built car. The Sweptail by Rolls Royce costs $13 mil