Network Solutions

Are you looking for IT services in the British Virgin Isles? We can help you with Wi-Fi while you are at sea, home automation, commercial networks, surveillance, and secure data solutions.

Network Solutions BVI

Wi-Fi At Sea

We provide quality WiFi on yachts. Our devices are discreetly installed to keep your boat tidy but allow are team to maintain the hardware efficiently.

Our network engineers are often contacted by people who want to know what their options are if they want internet while they are at sea in and around the British Virgin Isles. As the digital and connectivity landscapes mature, there are an increasing number of options available for people who want Wi-Fi on their boats.

We can walk you through your choices in terms of the availability of which low-data usage options, internet connectivity options, high-data usage options and satellite internet options there are.

Home & Office Automation

Thanks to technology, your smartphone and the internet, you can stay in complete control of your property at all times from your computer, tablet, smartphone or a switch.

Our IT experts can design, install and integrate your appliances, entertainment systems and other systems throughout your home. Whether you want to automate your home security, your lighting or your entertainment areas, we can help you.

Commercial Networks

We offer comprehensive network design solutions for businesses of all sizes in the BVI.

Whether you need a commercial network designed from scratch, need to relocate your business or want to upgrade your network, we can help you. We offer everything from network design consulting and LAN/WAN setup to server setup, network troubleshooting, data cabling and more.

Video Surveillance

Protecting your business and assets starts with designing a watertight surveillance system. We provide state-of-the-art surveillance technology, network infrastructure and HD displays so that you can have secure video data footage and storage 24 hours a day.

Secure Data Solutions

Have you identified all of the security and compliance vulnerabilities that your business could potentially be exposed to? Our IT consultants can make sure you have the right processes and technologies in place to prioritise the security of your data.

We offer network and applications, data security, access management, threat intelligence and risk consulting solutions.

Need more information about our IT solutions in the BVI? Contact us today.