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Thanks for stopping by and learning more about the shared office space opportunity.  Although it is not a permanent solution, it is something we feel will sincerely help small offices like us, get back up and running and our landlord agrees.

If you are familiar with aLookingGlass, or you had a chance to visit our office in the past, you will remember that we made every effort to make out space, friendly, professional and efficient.


Our new space will include:

High Speed DIA internet and secure wifi HotSpot access

Secure Local Network Attached Storage and Cloud access

Workstations with Sit/Stand Desks and Ergonomic seating

Reception and Lounge area

Conference setting with Flat Screen

Plenty of Vertical Storage

Kitchenette with Free Coffee, snacks, water and mini-fridge

Access to marketing tools and expertise on site


If you’re interested, schedule a call and we can consult you, based on your needs.





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