Self Publishing: DIY

Self Publishing: DIY

Writing, like most arts, can be a passion or a hobby. Whether you write for self-expression, to raise awareness on a specific subject, or because you’re certain your story will change the literary world forever, a time may come when it’s simply not enough to have those words on paper or on the screen. Novelists and journalists alike all tend to strive to see their works published and available to the masses, and with new technology and a changing market, it’s now easier than ever.

 When traditional publishing houses won’t (or simply can’t) do the trick, self-publishing your book or magazine can be a wonderful option.

 If you’ve never written or published anything before, self-publishing can help you get your foot in the door and help you understand what to expect. It also means having a physical product to use as an example later should you choose to try the traditional publishing route– Taking the task into your own hands means you can test the waters for your work to judge whether or not it would be a good fit for mass production.

 Perhaps you’re writing for a niche market! If the goal of your magazine is to highlight community events for the British Virgin Islands and surrounding areas, maybe you don’t need global marketing but would be well-suited for small-scale production made available to your neighbourhood communities.

 Self publishing puts you in control, no matter your intended audience. After initial production costs, all royalties go to you! You may not see enough income from your projects to live on, but even some of the more recognisable names in literature rely on another primary breadwinner in their household or on a “day job” to make ends meet. Wouldn’t you rather see the fruits of your labours reflected in the money you earn rather than divvied up amongst professionals who aren’t at all worried about the impact of one book sale?

 So if you’re a columnist, a poet, a novelist, or anything in between, consider self-publishing as a helpful alternative to traditional publishing — Or worse! –to leaving those manuscripts in your hard drive or on those notepads to collect dust. Let your work shine!

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