A Web Audit will tell you if your Website Pulling its Weight.

Here are some screenshots of reports we have run for a local company in the BVI Insurance sector.


Search Engine Page Ranking (SERP) This Web Audit metric will tell you how well your website ranks amongst your competition for specific keywords.

Performance Grading

Performance Grading is a Web Audit tool used to determine how well your site loads when visitors arrive on page and can effect visitors time on page and even your page ranking on Google. We measure the Page Load Speed, Page size, Number of Requests, and more and put together a plan that will earn you an “A”.

Google Analytics

Part of our Free Web Audit service is to install Google Analytics on your site. This tool will give you a clear picture of who, what, what, where, when and why people are on your page, and for how long. This crucial information will allow you to create a strategy to maximise your online assets.

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