Website in BVI

Website in BVI

1. Grab the right domain. If your service is BVI specific, get a domain with the “BVI.” Domains including your service are ideal (, but you should register also (, and and their .vg alternatives). To stand out, you could get

2. Reach out for the right top level domain

If your clients are in the BVI, they will mostly search Nevertheless, if they come from the US, they will search and if they are from UK, they could search Results for the same keywords vary across countries. As a rule of thumb, it is considered a good idea to get the top level domain of the country where your clients are and host your presentation there too.



3. Natural, smart use of keywords

It goes without saying that you need content, a good minimum is 3-5 paragraphs for the homepage about what you are doing. Concentrate on reasonable use of keywords. If you are a locksmith, write about key cutting or 24 hours locked-out service instead of “our many services.”




4. It is not just BVI, it is also Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke

Our locksmith should consider, that people in Jost Van Dyke can loose their keys too. Google is smart and will, of course, serve some of the BVI results, but having a paragraph about “locksmith Jost Van Dyke” is a good idea.



5. Very often, we see people using texts, that have been already used in another website (taking whole texts, parts, entire articles from newspapers). You are always penalized for using non-original content (plagiarism). To check if your text is original, you can use a tool like



6. Write about your expertise.

In a small place like the BVI, there are very few people with local-specific knowledge. If you are a locksmith who can get a key for a boat, or a lawyer familiar with the company-formation procedures, share your knowledge. You can still keep the best secrets, but the information you give will build your credibility as a service provider.




7. Build your Google Authorship profile. If you write about yachts, have your articles across different websites be marked with your Google Autorship tag. This will enable you to build your online reputation and differentiate from the “anonymous” websites.



8. Your Content Management System

Most local websites run on closed systems, developed by a private company, instead of running on open-source platforms. Firstly, Google loves open source CMS, especially WordPress. Secondly, getting a custom CMS is like having a new car made from scratch instead of buying a Vitara. They will love you when it gets broken.

9. URL, page titles, heading

If our has a service called key cutting, the url to that page should be, the title should say something like “Key cutting BVI | John Lock Smith”, the first heading on the page should say Key cutting BVI, and second headings could divide the topic into Key cutting Tortola, Key cutting Anegada, etc.


10. Inspire, motivate, share.

The social network is more important then ever before. Create content that other people have genuine interest in, be inventive, create emotion.


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