WiFi At Sea

As a marine internet provider, we can install high-speed WiFi hotspots directly onboard your yacht, or fleet of yachts. We support, maintain and install industry leading hardware, including 24/7 tech support.

aLG Link, is a provider of high-speed internet services to nearly 200 bareboats and Private Luxury Yachts in the British Virgin Islands.

Our I.T. and network engineering staff installs, maintains and supports our proprietary hardware 24/7. In addition to providing internet to a large BVI-based, bareboat charter fleet, we also provide multi-region and even, global sim solutions to private yachts for charter or personal use.

Benefits of Wifi At Sea

  1. Fast, Easy and Secure sign up!
  2. Connect up to 12 WiFi devices on your yacht simultaneously.
  3. Multi-regional and Global Options Available
  4. Send and receive email, Surf the Internet, YouTube, Skype, Facetime, Google Talk, Send Photos to friends and family, check current weather and local events all from the comfort of your yacht!
  5. 4G speeds are typical in the BVI. Speeds may vary depending on location.
  6. Eliminate the need to bring devices ashore and risk loss or dropping in water.
  7. A secure connection from the privacy of your own yacht, instead of a less secure public Hotspot.
  8. Emergency info – contact info for Charter Companies, VISAR, marine freq’s
  9. Access to Islands maps info – Info on anchorages, provisioning, etc. Contact #’s
  10. Access Daily weather, wave and island news reports
  11. Access Calendar of local island events and Public Holidays

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